Nutritional – Get Alkaline!

Weeks nutritional training TIPS – get alkaline!

Did you ever hear about alkalinity in our diet and so in our bodies.


Our bodies are so smart that they control the blood PH themselves, to keep the levels at certain levels. But eating very highly acidic foods, will your body be balancing this by pulling more calcium from bones to neutralize the acid.

To not be depleted for calcium, potassium and magnesium, it is important to focus on eating more alkaline foods. This is more or less all fruits and vegetables, also dry fruits =figs and raisins, avocados, sweet potatoes to name few. And as important it is to reduce intake of acidic foods like animal products and processed foods. You can even buy high PH, alkaline water in the grocery stores to keep your values in balance.

Remember that even mental stress and big amounts of training hours are pulling the body to acid side, so good focus to alkaline food and your body will stay in balance.

So easy way to keep the body as alkaline as possible is to remember that“ every time you eat something alkaline”