Nutritional – Bananas

This Week's nutritional training TIP

Did you ever think why a banana is in every rider’s pocket and why it can be good training food?

As you know when you are sweating you lose electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium… You also know that you need some carbohydrates when training, to be able to train effectively… So here some points why to take a banana with to your ride instead of a gel:

There are lots of benefits in this tasty yellow fruit, like

  • 15-20gr carbohydrates
  • >>> energy booster as contains both fructose, sucrose and glucose
  • 250-300 mg potassium
  • A bit of sodium
  • Has a prebiotic effect -> good for the gut bacteria with the good fibers
  • Cheap food compared to a gel

Gel benefits:

  • Gel has about the same amount of carbohydrates
  • More sodium
  • Fast energy booster
  • No health benefits
  • A bit expensive

Summary: take a banana with to your ride, eat it early in the ride as then you can eat it fresh, not mashed;-) and get all the health benefits with to your training.