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I am proud to present our expert Jesper to you

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What I like about him, besides his year as an elite swim coach, he has a multiple years in the water as an elite swimmer, but most of all, he is our expert, because he is a Vice World Champion, multiple Ironman winner and first out of the water in Roth 2019 with over a minute to the other competitors.

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In short, Jesper is a professional triathlete, and he knows what he is talking about in the water, when it comes to technique and help to swim with a tired body.

THIS IS WHAT THE MAIN GOAL OF THE video analysis IS designated TO DO FOR YOU

If you don’t have a coach that can check your technique back home. Are you struggling with to go and do your swimming? do you get lactate after a short time in the water. do you Feel that you are wasting too much energy. With the analyzing, Jesper are finding yours topics off your technique and trying to explain why you need to change them for a faster, stronger and more efficient swimming.


Are you open to try out what jesper has to say, reach out to him and he Will ask you to record two-three videos to send back to him.

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From a athlete who got the swimanalyzis

’’This was a massive difference. I was in the middle of a 3 sets of 5 x 100 hard. I tried this for the last 2 sets (10 x 100s). They were quicker than the first set but I actually took about 6-8 strokes less over the 100m. I found I couldn’t swim it too quickly as would mess it all up however despite swimming with a slower turn over I was 3-4sec quicker per 100. At the end I could feel my pecks burning which I’ve never felt before in the pool.’’