IRONMAN U Certification

10 years professional racing

2x IRONMAN 70.3 Winner

Sansego Coach

Jenny Fletcher

Dallas, Texas

Jenny began her athletic career as a modern pentathlete, representing the Canadian National Team.

She achieved her personal dream of becoming a professional triathlete in 2010. Her pro career included multiple half Iron-distance victories and numerous top 10 finishes in races worldwide.

In 2019 Jenny launched her coaching service and now directs her passion for triathlon towards those who are driven to reaching their own goals. Using her first-hand experience and technical insights, she shortens the learning curve for any triathlete seeking to achieve meaningful improvements.

Jenny is an IRONMAN U Certified Coach. She specializes in guiding dedicated triathletes to reaching the next level of performance.

Jenny Fletcher has been the most amazing triathlon coach!

I came to her with a dream of completing an Ironman 70.3. I didn’t know how to swim or bike, and I hadn’t run in 7 months.  She taught me everything I needed to know!!

10 months later I completed Waco 70.3 and finished 24th place in my division. Not only did she help me accomplish my dream but -- because of her coaching -- I have been able to achieve four 1st place finishes in my division and win a national championship! I will be competing in the world championship finals this year, and all of that is due to her dedication to triathlon and teaching others! She is an outstanding coach and I am so thankful to be a part of her team.

- Ashley I., Dallas, TX

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I reached out to Jenny because I was ready to get back to racing triathlons after a long series of injuries.  She was able to find that fine line between too much, too little and just enough!  Jenny kept me healthy and injury-free throughout my training and got me back to an IRONMAN 70.3.  

I never thought I’d get to the start line of a triathlon again, but Jenny made it happen!  I am so grateful for her understanding, expertise and incredible coaching. 

- Kirsten L., Dallas, TX